The 5 Negative Effects of the Habit of Judging Others

Why do we judge, evaluate, and give an opinion on the life of others?

Most of the judgment does not even reach them.

Then, why do we engage in the process?

After giving it significant thought, I have concluded that we judge to superimpose our character traits on the other.

Whenever we judge, we indirectly glorify our way of doing things. Through this process, our mind tries to establish a delusional supremacy over others.

The more we judge the other, the more our mind finds peace because we start to believe that our ways and methods are the best.

What are the 5 negative effects of this habit?

1. This kind of nature blocks all the learning because we stop being receptive towards better ways of doing things (that we can learn from others).

2. It massages our ego. It silently alters our original Sanskars, making us more arrogant.

3. This habit is a cause of unhappiness because when you are sure your way is the best, every other method looks substandard. You smile less and spend a lifetime complaining over how inefficient the other is. Many times, you micromanage, which further pulls you down,

4. You work as if you are carrying the burden of the entire world. You create a delusional space where you are the only one with the foresight and skill.

5. The time you spend judging and evaluating the actions of others is futile.

Let us judge less and accept more. The starting point is to talk less about the lives of other people. If you notice, the more you discuss the other, the more critical you get.

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