Wish to be a child again

She revisited her childhood
Her building, those bi lanes
Everything had redeveloped
Drastic changes felt insane

She looked around smiling
As if searching for some clue
Her friend’s window pane
The shop with the board in blue

She went to the spot where
Some grains made pigeons flutter
A high rise had come up and
Oh my!! The road, so cluttered

She went to her bus stop broken
A new bench had been put there
She wondered whether her name
Still lied scribbled somewhere

The small garden where she played
Was nowhere to be seen?
Instead a stylish school stood there
With gadget stricken teens

She walked ahead to the spot
Where she first met her first love
A tea vendor served tea
Small cups and a big stove

Mindlessly she walked, reached the end of the road
A big banyan tree felt like her lost abode
She grinned as she saw the tree
She hugged it, felt so free

Yes you are still here not everything’s gone
I finally found something after searching for long

She sat below the tree and gestured her son
This is where your mother hid from the sun
This is where she ran to escape the heavy fall
The only memory from my childhood that still stands tall