Diwali is a special time of the year. It’s a time of families and friends coming together. Economically it is a period when the money flow is high as consumers buy household items and personal products. The logic is everything that needs to be replaced should be done on Diwali. If the house is due for paint, it is scheduled in a way that it is done before Diwali arrives so that the house is at its best. Dry snacks and traditional sweets recipes are not revised an entire year until its Diwali time. 

An important part of a good Diwali for an Indian homemaker is the extent to which she and family have managed to deep clean the house. I too relate to the cleaning process as it helps in putting items kept away into use and also those which are no longer suiting our requirements are either disposed or donated. Diwali is thus symbolic of Declutter. 

As the house, garage, office readies itself to welcome Goddess Lakshmi on the eve of Diwali; there is a positive aura around. People are in a phase of new start, better start – the reason behind Mahurat trading in business. The origin of this festival lies in the homecoming of Lord Rama where the entire Ayodhya was lit to celebrate the win of good over evil. Thus, this festival also carries a goodness vibe, a restoration of faith in all that is morally correct amidst the unnecessary worldly chaos.

            Wish we could extend the decluttering to our minds

    Wish we could take hopefulness deep down inside our souls

   Wish we could add the sweetness to our words and  gestures

     Wish we could for once believe in ourselves and change our                                                obsolete thoughts and limiting ways

The weather is cold and the heat all absorbed, mornings are brighter and nights are calmer. The external atmosphere also facilitates the process of renewing relations first with self and then with others.

Happy Diwali to all my readers!!!

Minimalism for beginners

We live in a world of never ending expectations, a long wish list of experiences and infinite possibilities. Even a mention of minimalism reduces chaos. Minimalism is a culture of less is more. It may sound like an idea for the sages but in reality it is very easy to adapt to. Following are five simple ways to start with:

Keep your space decluttered

Declutter allows one to differentiate between things which are useful and those which are not. Also it helps to find the right thing at the right time thereby reducing the need to stock extra.

Plan your buy

Whenever you go shopping, pre decide as to what pattern, what brand, what style you want to add to your possessions. A random shopping spree leads to excess buying, probably more than what you can meaningfully consume.

Stay updated

This is a farfetched point but very significant. You should stay updated about the latest trends so that courtesy your minimalistic approach you don’t end up presenting yourself or your space or your work shoddily. The appearance should be smart and on par.

A way of life

You can’t be minimalistic in one sphere and an aggressive consumer in another. It has to be a binding approach across your life span. Only then will it transform from a conscious habit to becoming a way of life.

Wabi Sabi

Try to mend broken things and put them to use, discourage your immediate intent to dispose. That way you can also teach the posterity to accept minimalism, from a young age they will observe and learn.

These are ways which you can put to effect right from the next moment.  While minimalism looks sacrificial, austere these can help in a humble start.