The Beauty of ‘The Incomplete’

We give such high importance to COMPLETION

Completion of a task, a project, a process, a relation

Why the thrust on completion?

Don’t you agree

A poem reads well even if the last verse is still in the poet’s mind

Only the chef knows that the mustard in the recipe is missing

A designer sulks about a small motif that looks out of place

A painter knows that the orange should have been darker

The runner knows that he finished 30 seconds later than yesterday

The entrepreneur knows that his actual profit target was 20% higher

Only the homemaker knows that there are some clothes that are soiled and creased

Let us delve a little deeper

Incomplete love is more intense than a perfect love story

The half-moon looks as calm as the full moon

A bud is as delicately beautiful as a fully bloomed-flower

The Sun spreads light even when hidden behind the clouds

A rainbow looks as pretty in a little glimpse as in seeing it end to end

The truth is that the incomplete in our life is complete for the world outside. If we sum up all that is incomplete, we will understand how good life has been to us.

Does that mean that we should leave things halfway?


It simply means that we should learn to celebrate the incomplete as much as we rejoice for the COMPLETE in our lives because life happens in the journey, not at the destination.

5 Simple Steps to Tame the Anxious Mind

I had a long day ahead. The to-do list looked longer than the day. What did the list include? Work, family, health and passion. Some of the items in the list were for the world and a little some that mattered to me.

It felt strangely overwhelming despite knowing that I have the entire day at my disposal.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? Read on to know how I tamed my anxious mind –

Step 1 – I took a few deep breathes and decided to bring my concentration back to the moment. Once, I was present in the NOW I felt motivated to start.

Step 2 – I shortlisted 3 tasks that would make me feel accomplished at the end of the day. The rest of the activities were important but I had to prioritize.

Step 3 – I started with one major task in the morning itself. Do the difficult one first and you breathe easy all day long.

Step 4 – I asked for support wherever possible. My statements were clear and precise with no ambiguity in the form of help that I needed.

Step 5 – I took breaks in between two tasks where I engaged in real conversations with people, reading and meditating.

Ta-da! I could attend to two of my major tasks, well before noon and the entire list looked easily doable in the remaining time.

Do you know what I did?

I expanded my concept of time. Rather than considering time as the limiting factor, I chose to make it my strength. Always think in abundance and keep telling yourself – ‘I have enough time and energy.’

9 Powerful Tips to Help You Develop the Courage to Pursue

He was born in an educated and cultured family. After completing his education in Delhi, he moved eastwards to Kolkata for his first job at Shaw Wallace and later at a shipping firm Bird and Co. But, at the age of 26, he decided to stop earning for livelihood and took a courageous decision of pursuing his dream – ‘He wanted to act on the big screen!!’

While Bollywood is known to run by nepotism, this superstar made his struggle count and today the world looks up to him. He is none other than the respected Mr. Amitabh Bachchan!

What we see today is the glitz and glamour but, the real star emerged after 12 flops over a span of 5 years. Now, this is what we call COURAGE.

How can you develop the courage to pursue your dreams?

– Continuous improvement in knowledge and skills in your field, makes you more confident.

– Share your goals with people, who encourage you. Avoid people who are critical of new ideas.

– Keep patience till the right opportunity comes.

– Take some time to internalize failures and get back to work. Don’t let it stop you.

– Do not succumb to peer pressure. Remember, you are doing it for reaching your optimum.

– Make sure that you earn enough to support day to day expenses and also keep saving some money. This is so that, you don’t have to give up your dream abruptly due to financial crisis.

– Try to fund your own interests. This gives you mental and emotional freedom.

– Work distraction-free. Time is the most precious when trying to imagine/build/create.

– Be genuine and don’t try to create a false image.

On the arduous journey of making your dreams come true, you will come across two big hurdles. First, a question – “What will people think and say?” Facing this question requires maximum courage. Second, self-doubt which requires trusting your capabilities.

Once you have overcome these, the world is yours.

In the words of Mr. Bachchan – “You can’t skip struggle. Better, accept it.”

The Samsung Brand Story

In January 2024, Samsung was in headlines, when it launched its premium S24 model at its biannual event, Galaxy Unpacked. Intrigued by questions like how this great brand was built? Who was the visionary behind it? I thought of reading up on the Samsung brand story.

Did you know that this premium electronic brand, once sold groceries, fish and noodles? Yes, that was the beginning of the current conglomerate.

Setup by Lee Byung-Chul in 1938, the name Samsung is derived from Korean Hancha which means ‘Three Stars’. The founder explained that the name refers to something big, powerful and numerous that remains everlasting and eternal.

From textiles to banks to insurance, fertilizers, cement and others, Samsung started acquiring diverse businesses. For me Samsung was synonymous with electronic gadgets but I was surprised to know that Samsung entered this industry only in 1969, almost three decades after its start.

After the death of its founder, all the units were separated and that’s when Samsung started to focus on the electronics division.

The first Samsung smartphone was released in June 2009 and within 3 years of its introduction, Samsung Electronics became the largest producer of smartphones in the world

Today The Samsung Group contributes more than 15% of South Korea’s GDP and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is one of the most valued brands worldwide.

Every big brand has a unique story, that inspires commoners like us to follow our dreams.

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