Introduction To My Virtual Desk

Writing to me is a space where I am liberated. It’s only me and my thoughts. Through my write ups if a reader is able to cross over, I think I have made my contribution to this world.

When in college, not all lectures used to interest me. While professors taught business management, my mind steered towards writing.

With a rosy picture of the world that I had in my mind, I began writing short fiction stories with Jenny, a young pre- school teacher as the central character.

Gradually reviews, write ups, poems and couplets started coming in.

I respect the topics that I write on and like to keep it free flowing yet organized. I like to support the write ups with secondary and primary research if need be, to make it a thoroughly wise creation.

I love content and the numerous ways in which you can use it. A good article gives me a high even before it goes live.

Lots of love to writing and my blog –        www.blogbynehamittal.com

-My virtual desk to create and showcase my articles.