Lock down hopes

The cities and countries will soon revive

All of us, our hustle – will bring them alive

Nothing is etched, continuous and forever

Change is the only constant, don’t fear

Kids will play hide and seek like before

Business will resume, markets will soar

Days will get busier and full once again

But what we faced mentally, will always remain

When it’s flowing, the same water can’t be touched twice

The ups and downs however do make us wise

Peace and contentment is the call of the Universe

If we work inclusive, it may never get this worse

With this let us wait to begin in full flare

But this time with simplicity, affection and care

As of now please curtail and completely abide

Nature will soon be on our side

Nature will soon be on our side

2 Replies to “Lock down hopes”

  1. I love the line –

    “When its flowing, the same water cannot be touched twice”

    How easily you sum up such great lessons! The importance of time is stated in such a creative way.

    Probably everyone is cribbing to get out of this lockdown, amidst all of this reading such motivational lines feels good 🙂

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