Summit Lessons

In May 2024, we did the Chandrashila trek in Uttarakhand. The Chandrashila summit is at an altitude of 12083 feet. The trek continued for 3 nights and 4 days with rest intervals at shifting campsites. The trail was less traveled and beautiful. The guidance and gear from India Hikes were up to the mark and made the summit a possible dream. I learned a lot more about life –

Needs and wants

Your needs are limited, but your wants are unlimited. Focusing on needs helps you to strip off the extra layers of brands, possessions, and titles. Once you are one with your needs, there is a space where you accept life AS IT IS.

Accept and appreciate

Once you have accepted, you naturally start appreciating ALL THAT IS. On our first day at the camp, I was anxious about how we would manage. After a few hours, I accepted, and we spotted a double rainbow. I took it as the Universe’s response to my gratitude.

Journey is important

Throughout the trek, I could not take my mind off the beautiful trail and the quaint natural surroundings. For once, the journey was more important than the target.

One step at a time

The trek had multiple ascents, and some were steep and long. My legs ached, and my body gave in, but I had to keep moving. In moments like these, I lowered my eyes and looked at my next step because looking higher scared me.

Be happy for others

We were a group of 28, and 10 people did the summit. I felt a little sad for those who could not because even they had invested time and money in the trek. On completion of the summit, everyone at the camp celebrated our success. I learned that you can find joy in the accomplishments of others.

Power of humility

Siddharth, our leader, said –

Tomorrow, we all will ATTEMPT the summit. Our turnaround time is 6 am. And wherever you are at 6 am will be your summit. We say attempt because we understand that the mountains are majestic. We will be able to reach the summit only if the mountains allow.

We were humbled when this came from him, who has devoted years to summit climbs.

On such high-intensity trips, you live the magic of NOW. The present moment absorbs your complete attention, and the past and the future become irrelevant.

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