What is Bravery?

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary – Bravery is the quality or state of having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty.

Soldiers, firefighters, policemen, stuntmen, air force pilots are some of the professions that put a person in a situation of danger. Does that mean that bravery is only for those who face life-threatening situations?

No. Bravery is for everyone.

Bravery is for every commoner who lives a simple life, juggling multiple roles. Let me list some simple acts that resonate with the virtue and can make you feel proud of your bravery –

  1. Being consistent in your physical workout against your mood swings and reasons.
  2. Controlled indulgence in social media and not taking the futile pressure to look like a model and live a life full of stories and travel.
  3. Leading a resourceful day without expecting any acknowledgment or recognition. Doing things only to ensure that at the day’s end, you are proud of how well you have utilized this precious and limited resource – TIME.
  4. Saying no to every distraction in thoughts and actions. Also saying no to the ones whom you love. You call it drawing the boundaries and trust me it is the bravest thing to do today.
  5. Not engaging in blaming, complaining, and small talk. This is tough because then the only way to be at peace is to find it within.
  6. Worshipping your body like a temple and guarding it close, not letting any trash enter your mind or stomach.
  7. Holding the power to vibe alone if you are not able to vibe in a group.
  8. Living a minimalistic life in grace and style, allowing it to become your natural demeanor.
  9. Doing what is right in a state of confusion and
  10. Not changing your ‘right’ in the light of others, sticking to your morals and values.

Above all of these, the bravest thing is to pursue your passion, come what may! Not giving up on it, even after multiple rejections and failures.

Do these situations strike a chord with you?

Have you experienced what bravery feels like when you have overcome the above situations?

Bravery is for all.

You are brave. Very brave!

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