Starting Over…

Starting over…

A thought- provoking 10-point self Q&A on Starting Over in Life.

1. In which activities do I usually start over and over again?

Areas of self -growth like reading, exercise, regulated social media usage, learning and updating.

2. Why does starting over feel irritating?

Because it brings me face to face with my habit of procrastinating, my failures and my poor confidence in self-abilities.

3. Why do I hesitate in starting over?

Because I fear, I may discontinue yet again.

4. Why the delay in starting over?

Because it requires high degree of self- motivation.

5. What do others feel about the process?

No one has time to evaluate except those very close to me.

6. How I deal with my loved ones?

I know that the ones who love me will only respect me more every time I restart.

7. How I deal with the haters?

Think less about them and more about my growth.

8. Why starting over is a good option?

I feel better from the moment I start over.

Not starting is even more suffocating. It feels similar to how a bird feels when it is unable to take off.

9. What is the ideal way to start over?

I don’t rush. I set small targets and make sure I achieve them. I continue and scale up gradually.

10. Why is starting over worth the effort?

Because I understand it is the only way to realize my dreams.

Hope you found 👆 insightful.

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