Viral Mindlessness

Fake reviews

Fake fan base

Fake influence

The game of likes and love, support and object has gone too far. We often find a genuine post on a positive change getting lost in the frenzied world of social media, while a random post highlighting a vague outfit worn by some crazy woman goes viral within hours of release. 

The result is mass- misguiding. People only go by the number of likes, without giving a thought to the value in a post. The next step is where they engage in making posts or recording reels of similar nature in the hope of social media stardom.

Here are a couple of examples – 

When a marketing statement made by a sales girl in her local accent – ‘So beautiful, so elegant, just looking like a wow!’ becomes the talk of the town in public events, social gatherings, and even in formal meets to gather attention.

‘Moye Moye’ for a person who has no words to explain his stupid situation. 

The airport- look highlights comfort with style, pushing many to buy a new outfit for the ideal flight experience. 

The real success of Jamal Kudu – a song from the Bollywood film Animal should be accredited to millions of people performing the hook step and posting videos of the same on social media.

If we look back at each of these viral trends, do they hold any real meaning beyond projecting a vague sense of upbeatness?

And the best part about this cycle is that a small realized group of people, who know this game is flawed, are considered as unaware fools. They are regarded as old school and conservative with zero taste for what is trending.

How do we make it real?

How do we break free from the false influences?

The starting step is to stop showing interest in such posts and to avoid repeating the trend. Soon, you make AI work in your favor, and your social media handles start showing less of these futile trends.

Remember that the information available within the AI gamut is vast, and the intelligence lies in tapping into what holds meaning for you. 

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