You are Enough!!!

On the days you feel you are not enough

You hustle, you sigh, you huff and puff

You fail to understand where did you lack

You want your energy, your time back


The point where you stand, you don’t wish to explain

No more reasoning, arguments, and pain

Tired of thinking of alternate ways of handling

On the verge of giving up, no more hinging


You want to let loose, forget everything that is

You want a new way to address all that’s amiss

You ponder, you think, you try to concentrate

You mend, you speak, you hold, and liberate


On days like these, pause and look back

You will understand how well you have filled the lack

You showed terrific endurance in pain

You will recollect how well you managed and explained


Tell yourself, never think of losing it all

For the sake of the times when you rose from a fall

Close your eyes and take a deep breathe

Be mindful of your words and thoughts underneath


You have come so far, you have been so good

Make yourself understand, feel understood

You will always be enough, however, be the day

Because a single day never defines a long way

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