Choices Translate into Consequences

When you choose the benefits of an action, 

you also choose the drawbacks.

Life offers nothing in absolute. There always lies a trade-off. The direct form of a trade-off is time – which means if you are engaged in task A, you cannot attend to task B at the same time with the same efficiency.


So, if you have done exceptional in task A, task B must not have been on par. For instance, if I am cooking while answering emails, either the dish will not turn out the best or the emails might be less perfect with language, tone, or idea.


A counter concept is – ‘Done is better than perfect’


This reinstates that only you know the difference between how well you could have done and what you actually did. To the outside world both the tasks that you took up together, seem to be perfect.


Why don’t we create awareness around us where at least we know the process?


Often, we get into autopilot mode and multitask or work mindlessly, even when there is no need. This is specifically observed in the fast-paced culture of big cities. The bandwagon effect leads you to hurry through tasks for no reason. 


You don’t take the chance to experience the peace and pleasure from living your to-do list meticulously and methodically.


Our ancestors led an uncertain life, but today technology and infrastructure have made our lives organized imparting a high degree of certainty to our day. Despite that, there is an increase in situations where people undertake a task half-heartedly or distracted and somehow manage to tick it off their list.


Why the hustle?


Yes, the corporate scenario is tough and you have lots up your sleeves. But what about low-pressure chores? Even if they form a minuscule 10% of your day, choose to get absorbed in them completely while doing them.


Let us build consciousness around how well we do a task rather than focusing completely on the result. Let us be aware of the energy we bring to a task because ultimately the aura differentiates one from the other




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