Words are powerful

What is the strongest form of manifestation? It is the words we speak. Words have a direct impact on our reality. If that’s the power that rests in words, we should responsibly choose the right words in our day-to-day life with self and others around us. You may wonder, how can one be so diligent in an activity as routine as speaking? But why don’t you look at it this way, that we have such an easy tool to ensure positivity in our life, something which is completely in our hands, then why be averse?

How can you develop this habit of speaking right –

Pause before you speak – This is an advice that we have read since yesteryears, and still holds true. A pause always gives clarity to your speech. Please do not confuse a pause (of self or others) as a sign of indecisiveness. It is rather a sign of a matured conversational experience.

Hear to listen – An active listener is one who hears the other person to understand not to respond. On the other hand, a passive listener is in a hurry to give his/her take and in the process ends up talking fast and reckless. In a world that reverberates with partisanship towards ideas and equates busyness with your level of success, becoming someone who speaks after completely deciphering what the other is saying is a challenge. But trust me that is one habit that will set you apart from the crowd.

Be mindful of your vocabulary – A lot of our vocabulary is absorbed from the people around us. Consciously distinguish between your words and the words that you have taken from others. Try to use words that are positive and strong because that sets the tone for the hours ahead. It is simple – “I know the structure will bring changes but it will definitely be good for the company.” v/s “I fear that the structural change will make things worse.” If it is inevitable that you have to be a part of the change then the former statement certainly creates better vibrations.

When we speak carefully with self and others, we also create base for decisions that are well thought off. Thoughtful decisions in turn make our personal and professional life better. Before I conclude I would like to address an important point –

A positive spoken word is not used to fool you into something that is not real. It is a systematic tool that if used to your advantage can help you handle adversities efficiently. A good word is a means to tap into the reservoir of your inner strength, your inner potential that probably even you are not aware of.

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