What makes a good read?

A writer is blessed with an innate ability to put his/her thoughts on paper. Which was the last article that you read, you remember? What made you appreciate the story?

What makes a good read? Is a question that comes to the mind of writers and readers alike. As much as writers wish to write the best, even a reader wishes to read the best.

Address multiple perspectives

After many articles and stories, I have come to a conclusion that every reader interprets the same article differently. From the writer’s side, the meaning is one but the understanding is subjective. An article should thus, address multiple angles of looking at the same topic so that there is something in it for majority of the readers. For instance, https://www.speakingtree.in/article/why-fight-with-life-learn-to-flow-with-it – this article has more than 30k views because if you read on, you will find that the author has evaluated a sensitive habit of ACCEPTANCE at multiple levels.

Well researched and fact based

Any article that is based on solid facts will always have a stronger impact. With due respect to the writer’s knowledge on the topic, one should research before publishing an article. Even if one is writing fiction, the background and characters need to be well thought of which means well researched. This article on trends in digital marketing https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescommunicationscouncil/2023/01/18/2023-digital-marketing-trends-that-should-be-on-your-radar/?sh=50fce675cb37 states vital facts to support almost every trend listed.

Should reflect the writer’s character

A genuine article should always reflect the writer’s character and stand on the topic in discussion. Neutrality does not give a direction to the reader. The stance can be subtle or strong but it needs to show in the article. Now this one has a strong take on ChatGPT – https://frontline.thehindu.com/news/ai-experts-say-chatgpt-is-changing-education-but-how/article66449967.ece

An article should have a good structure and the basic language and grammar has to be in place. An article with appropriate subheads makes it easy for the reader to navigate through the story.

I might sound naïve but the goodness of writing lies in genuine love for your words. As a writer we have the right to seek inspiration and learn as we improvise our own writing skills. But, aping the writing style of the other is unacceptable.

Yes, today articles are written for followers and traffic but a true writer gets a high only if connect supersedes the statistics. Engaging comments and ensuring that you have led your readers to think is a true achievement for a writer. The commercial angle alone will never lead to a masterpiece.

It would be great if you engage and share what you think makes a good read.

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