5 Thoughts on How to Unlock the Power of Routine

‘True power lies in routine’

Routine is mundane, routine is predictable, routine is boring. Another take on the topic is – routine is a symbol of consistency; routine creates order and routine is an innate part of your personality. When you believe in the latter perspective, you keep a well- decorated routine because you associate a sense of pride with the same. On the other hand, when you are oblivious to the benefits of a routine you tend to whine all the time. Whatever be your choice, the truth is routine is indispensable.

This phenomenon can also be justified by the way the Universe works. Nature is an integral part of the Universe. If you observe the elements of nature, they are always in super routine mode. The Sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the moon shows up each night exactly as per the phase it is supposed to be in, the tides rise and fall in a set pattern, the seasons arrive methodically. We, the human beings are also one of the elements in this vast Universe, how can we escape routine? And the one who constantly detests being in a routine, is not living up to his/her true nature.

How can you create an empowering routine?

Schedule time to clear your mind each day. A mind is a maze. For it to function well, you need to clear the clutter. Keep time aside to do this each day. Utilize this time to address the confusions that the mind holds with respect to perspective and decision. You will be able to give more to your day, as you release the intelligence blocked in the ambiguity.

Spend most of your day on the process. The result is always a by-product of the process. A good routine is one that keeps you occupied in improvising. Improvisation in any area of life – be it physical, emotional, intellectual, professional or personal is worth your energy and time.

Time to your passion is a must. Why? It puts you in a place of power, where you know you get to choose for yourself. Else it feels like, you are sitting in a boat being rowed by others or one that is drifting on its own. Make it a part of your routine and just like you eat and sleep, you will spend time pursuing what you like.

Follow the self-set standards diligently and it will reflect in how you move about doing your work on a day-to-day basis. Be busy in internalizing the routine and do not waste time in oversharing as it puts you off track. But at the same time humbly inspiring someone who is in need is your duty.

Plan your off-routine time. I have hit upon this idea in my earlier posts as well. By this I imply, when you feel overwhelmed by the regime, consciously plan a break. How does this benefit? It lets you respect your schedule even while you are off it. And it allows you to bring about necessary changes that lead to more improvisation (as per point 2). It gives you a sense that you will get back with renewed vigor once your break is over.

To end as powerfully as I started – “The secret of your future is hidden is your daily routine” – in the words of the wise Mike Murdock.

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