5 Effective Ways to Let Go of the Habit of Procrastination

“I will definitely start from tomorrow.” And tomorrow never comes. Do you feel weak because of your habit of letting things lie till they become urgent or irrelevant? Do you often end the day with a mental burden of procrastinating yet again? Then it’s time you adopt some methods to break the cycle of procrastination.

Procrastination feeds on itself, because every time you postpone, work starts getting piled up leaving you with more and more to do. The quantum becomes so discouraging that you end up deferring again. The loop never ends.

If procrastination is your constant enemy, stop assuming that it is a part of your personality. Treat it like any other bad habit that you wish to work upon like rising early or cutting on smoking or clubbing. This is the starting point of dealing with procrastination. Other effective ways are –

Smaller Manageable Steps

A proven method to beat procrastination is breaking the bigger target into smaller doable steps. You should ensure that the difficulty level is just enough to keep you motivated. Doing these steps for a few days will put you on track for the macro goal.

Prior Task Detailing

Second is pre-deciding the what, where, when of the task. Be specific in stating the activity even if you are telling it to yourself with minute details like the place and time of doing it. This leads to lesser mental fatigue in planning what to do, on the day itself.

Zero Excuse Days

An important part in the process of developing consistency is owning up your incompetence and lethargy. You should not blame external circumstances for not being able to work on your goals. 0 excuse days help you find alternate means to handle situations and people such that your work does not suffer.

NOW is the Best Time

Be OK in starting at any time of the day, any day of the week. Many a times you will find yourself saying ‘tomorrow’ because you want to start in the morning or ‘next week’ because you wish to start on a Monday. But trust me even a Wednesday evening is good to start!

Use Technology

Use tools to cut on distractions. Digital wellbeing and scheduling apps can help you be focused while you are working. Modern technology can be both the source and the end of distraction, depending upon how skillfully you use it. 

Procrastination is self -created and self -nurtured, which means it can be self-destroyed as well. The power lies with you. Start with any one habit, gradually make it 2, then 3 and so on. Often eliminating procrastination from one dimension (physical, professional, social) inspires similar action in other areas as well.

Take that loved idea from the memory box of your mind and start working on it. You never know, it could be a breakthrough that can reshape your personality like never before.

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More power to consistency!!!

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