Hashtag Lockdown

My world has shrunk, it’s gone so small

How less i need confined in the four walls

Nothing is compromised be it taste or lifestyle

The house chores look seemingly worthwhile

The creative spirit keeps calling all day long

There is time to play, sit and hear a song

Fitness goals stay the same with altered means

I  love the golden sunshine, the sparkling sheen

I think, live and feel as simple as i can

Surprisingly i have caught up with the new plan

All the time spent is with family and self

How far i have come this way, sometimes I dwell

It also comes to me, is this how we were meant to be?

It also comes to me, that soon I may meet a new me

We all want it to end, even I feel like all of you

But the lock down has definitely changed my world view

5 Replies to “Hashtag Lockdown”

  1. I agree with each and every word of it. I feel ditto about me. You really touch very closely any topic you pick up. I love your thought process and always look forward to read ❀️. Keep writing πŸ™‚

  2. These are really difficult times. But this time is special too as it has forced families to stay together. A lot of assumptions have been proved wrong and a lot of self discoveries done…!!

  3. This lockdown has made me more strong person
    Every little things makes me feel how lucky we are and thank the almighty for all the blessings πŸ™..
    Never take them for granted.very well written dear

  4. It’s been the real human life who’s approaching us again the life we enjoyed in our school days spending whole day playing with family and friends doing what ever we want to lot of social involvement was there without benefits thats what we are getting/experinecing back during lockdown. Revival will certainly happen but of our view towards life more than the disease that has created the panic
    It’s a mesage from God for revival of humanity.

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