Trip to Auli

Trip to Auli

Majestic mountains and untouched scenic beauty defines Auli. At a height of around 2500 meters from sea level Auli spells magic especially for people like us who hail from an illusionary busy city like Mumbai.  It brings you face to face with what survival is, because everything there just lies as it is, no tampering and slow development. You are surrounded by mountain ranges and golden sunshine spreading over the high peaks. Mt Nanda Devi is the magnificent of all, at a height of 7800 meters; the peak reminds you of how small you are in the scheme of things. People there are petite and hardworking used to the rough terrains. Joshimath is the closest town where you can get essentials from.

The silence draws you inwards, evening sets in as early as 6 pm, making you retreat to your rooms. You inevitably end up spending time with family or friends or self as the itinery is low key – not too much to do but lots to converse with.

We did a one day trip to Badrinath – the divine shrine which is a part of the Char Dham Yatra – considered auspicious by every Hindu. There were natural hot water (temperature is 40 degrees) Kunds where visitors take a bath before going inside the temple. The air was light, the skies were clear and a religious thread bonded all the devotees together.

We did a small trek too – the Gorson Bugyal trek, which is located at an altitude of 3000 meters. The kids were on mules while I and my better half tread along. The best thing about such treks is you walk at your own pace. The forests were quiet reminding me of the eternal truth that God created this Universe keeping poise in his heart.

There is a natural tuning with which He made birds, leaves, slopes, flowers, breeze – they appear to be different elements but in reality they are all one and we belong there too. Yes, we are just one of the elements. It is only in places like Auli that we get a chance to reconnect to our co elements.

We stayed at a friend’s hotel cum homestay – Mountain Rover. It had warm rooms all facing the mountains. The stay ins there are spread over the mountains – all have steps to move upwards and downwards where the rooms, dining and reception are located. The chair car and cable car are tourist attractions and a delightful experience for kids.

As I enjoyed the view from the cable car glass, I suddenly spotted a tree with pastel pink leaves – it stood out amidst the otherwise green foliage that covered the mountains. It was worthy of meditation. What was the best part about the place was its rawness.

No words are enough to sum up what I felt – it’s abstract and will stay with me forever.

Visited the mountains, taking a part of it with me
A changed soul and mind, a new lens to see
Mountains are majestic, so small I feel
The hustle is rested, took to nature to heal
Spent some time with God’s spectacular creation
The mountains of Auli, indeed a memorable vacation