Calm in chaos

If I look around every household has some issues, some problems. As simple as leakages to more complicated ones like medical emergencies. Each one of us has something to resolve in our quest for better days. However quite often I see some people are in a loop like a mouse in a hamster wheel, the series of wrongs does not come to an end. Tiringly they keep attending, eventually losing sight of improvement in situations. My heart reaches out to them (even I must have lived such a phase but I would say briefly) and this story offers ways that can help one out of the chaos:

It’s a phase

Accept that it’s a passing phase. Like the seasons, the setting sun and the rising moon, that which is undesirable will also flow away like the river water. What kills one inside is the thought that the unpleasantness will stay forever. Change is the nature of nature, so take each day as it comes, spring follows autumn and autumn follows spring.

Rise above the problem

Learn that you are facing a bad time as you are capable of handling it. I know it sounds cliché but trust the ways of the Universe. Rise after the fall and carve a beautiful way ahead. For instance, you are having severed relations with a co- worker who is a key member of your team. You cannot ignore and you cannot confront. In such a case you need to identify yourself as a separate entity. You are not the team, you are not work alone, there are other aspects of your life too – so once you are done dealing with him/her, do not ponder or discuss or whine, rise above.


Manifestation work wonders. Write a crisp statement in positive language desiring what you want for a better life. Reiterate it in your moments of quiet and rest, moments of prayer and meditation, moments when you are happy and alert towards surroundings. As wisely suggested by the learned, you attract what you ask for.

Break the problem

Like a jigsaw puzzle solve any impending problem piece by piece. Trying to tackle it at one go will only create anxiety. Many a times you feel helpless, in a place where you can’t do anything towards solution because the problem is due to an external stimulus not in your circle of control. In times like these simply manifest so that the problem does not grow bigger in your mind.

Concentrate on peaceful pursuits

On most occasions we are so overwhelmed with a problem that we give it disproportionate time and energy. It does not aid in solution but it is just a mindset that – 

“Oh I have such a big difficulty, what am I doing reading/writing/watching/talking/chilling…I should be attending to the matter.” Common sense is that if it’s a big problem how can it be resolved within few minutes or even days? 

And if it is going to take time, why not engage for some time in pursuits and habits that bring peace to you. For instance you are occupied in a bitter litigation over a piece of land. Yes, your future depends on the decision but you cannot restrict the time taken by the court of law, sometimes it take months and years. Does that mean that one should stop pursuing simple inexpensive hobbies? No it will not make you look casual; it will make you stronger from inside as it gives you life beyond the problem.

All the above points are interrelated. Personally this approach has helped me a lot in tackling my problems. Yes the article is generic because it is impossible to accommodate the myriad issues that face every individual. My apologies to readers who have felt that the above is easier said than done. But my intention was only to offer a different perspective. Even if one person benefits my purpose is served.

                    Problems are faced by everyone

               They slow you down or make you run

                   Connect to your soul as you think

                  Escape the emptiness, take a blink

                             Do not make the mistake,                                                         don’t be one with the problem

        Remember a rose, amidst thorns it blossoms 

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