The tight bun

She had a firm face, and a fierce voice
No conversations held, an unreal poise
I met her randomly once in a few days
She seemed to live her life strictly her way
She was a mother too, quite older than me
Always no nonsensical, no time to see
She dressed so typical, hair tied in a bun
Behind her back, i admit i made fun
A smile on her face, came like in a leap year
I wondered has this lady overcome every fear
One day i came to know she is set to take a leave
Its her daughters marriage, she is got too much up her sleeves
The very next day, as i took a coffee break
I saw her dreaming, though her eyes were awake
I dont know what got to me, I ended up asking her
Is everything ok? You look lost and blurred
She took a deep sigh, and unknowingly replied
My daughter will go away, i will have no one by my side
She said she feared how she will spend her days alone
I was surprised as if i have seen a talking stone
I struggled to get words, as she shared more
She had an irresponsible husband, eyes were about to pour
Though awkward i assured her it will phase out
She said, I know dear but still i have my doubts
Anyways she said, please dont let all this spill
I promised her will not gossip and stayed still
She got up to move, her aura spreading around me
She was bearing so much, so she had no time to see
She had a hidden story, a story that;s not bare
I wondered, does everyone has a similar story to share?

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