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Today’s prompt is Letter to Neighbors.

Dear Neighbors,

I feel strange as I write this letter because I never really felt the need to be so expressive towards you, Uncle and Aunty. For me it was always enough to show respect by regularly communicating by coming to your place. However this letter urges me to delve deeper into our occasional yet regular relationship.

When I enter you house, whenever I look at you both all I can sense is contentment – one word that summarizes your lifestyle for me. You live in complete acceptance of the present, and that is what I love about you. Your house is always well lit with natural sunshine and I find it windy even in summers because you keep the windows open. Small things about your place or my neighborhood as I can call it reflect the poise – the simple minimalistic furniture, the bread butter that lie on your 4 seat dining table always, the swing in the balcony, the essential stationery on the side table and so on. As I write all this I realize how much I know about you people.

My children Jia and Yuvaan, have grew up as much under your guidance and supervisions as much under ours. ‘Aunty House’ and ‘Baba House’ is what they call your place. One thing that is eternally blissful is your open doors and open arms for them. They enter your house with such authority, which has been possible only because of your unconditional warmth.

You have unintentionally, simply out of love fulfilled the responsibility as genuinely good neighbors when in times of distress, you have come running to help. In those times, Uncle and Aunty you never gave me a feel, that you are busy or you are being accommodative. Truly living the phrase below –

I came face to face with my emotions towards you both, your house, when you visited US for over 2 months. The deserted alley, the darkness on one side and the closed doors, made us miss you every single day. I still remember the way Jia rejoiced when she heard you had come back.

It would be mean to not mention Neha and Pallavi, who never stepped back even in your absence. Just like you they greeted children and me and offered to let them stay, even while they were occupied with their own commitments. It is rightly said that children become what they see. ‘Neha Didi’ and ‘Pallo Didi’ is what my children call them and they have played elder protective sisters quite well.

Any reader might wonder that because it’s an open letter I am not sharing my bitter experiences – but because I write heartfelt, genuinely I had nothing sour to share. Yes, this letter oozes sweetness, courteousness and respect but that’s how it is!!

Blessed to have such wonderful neighbors, I raise a toast to you!!

I would like to thank Chaitali for introducing me. You can read her post here chaitalismusings.com I would also like to introduce my fellow blogger Archana Nair, you can read her wonderful post on the prompt here http://theindianparentingblog.wordpress.com


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