Letter to Mr. Blue Sketchers

Today’s prompt is Letter to an inanimate object.

Hi, my dear Mr. Blue Sketchers

I did not take much time in choosing you as the receiver of this letter. I took to walking around 18 years back when I was studying.  The habit was instilled in me, by my Grandpa. His constant take was – ‘Jo Sota Hain Who Khota Hain’ – ‘The one who keeps sleeping, loses.’ I got accustomed to this routine of waking up early and going for a refreshing walk almost every day.

I bought you from the mall, but you have bought me up the ladder of self- healing and health. If I am down with the intention of a workout, I can’t walk even 100 meters without you. You have been my support system as I have put you on every time, every single morning and we tread along. You are with me during the best part of my day when I plan and ponder, remember and forget, cherish and regret the time behind and the time yet to come.

You have seen me through rough days, where I just left home wearing you, seeking answers, walking fast and furious. You never gave in till I found what I was looking for. Then there have been days when I have been hyper energetic on my fitness goals and walked a few extra kilometers, though weary, you stood beside me.

I remember, once a part of you got slightly damaged. Yes, it was completely repairable, though not so urgent; I took you to the cobbler immediately, because I could not tolerate anything happening to you. You must be seeing your fellows, worn out and hassled, but for me your shine and maintenance is important, because you play a vital role in my mental and physical well being.

I have seen all the seasons with you, the summer sweat, the winter chill and the soothing rains. I have climbed the mountains as I trekked with you and also ran the extra mile. You have also eavesdropped on the occasional lost minded gossip that I have engaged in post the walk.

You have your own friends in the shoe rack, but I bet you enjoy my company the most. They do not get out as regularly as you do, except the little school shoes, with whom I think even you might be having generation gap issues. The stylish ones wait for party invites, the colored ones wait for the right outfit to be worn, the daily pairs are disheveled buying essentials and seeing kids cycle. You seem to be the luckiest as you move out in the shining sun or late in the night when the mesmerizing moon stares at you.

I understand with passing time, I have changed shoes, there were a few before you and there will be many after you. But what is real, is the present. Fading away is a part of life but what matters is your aura while you are functional or existent. You, in particular my Blue Sketchers, are very dear to me as I find you very comfortable and stylish.

I take pride in the fact, that I wear you each day with consistent energy. You are an integral part of my fitness regime that defines me. This letter is my tribute to all the happy and troubled times that we have spent together. Love you!!

Thank you for being my positive companion.

I would like to thank Aashi for introducing me. You can read her post here http://lawyermumma.wordpress.com. I would also like to introduce my fellow blogger Preetjyot Kaur, you can read her wonderful post on the prompt here http://mylittlemuffin.com .



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