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Today’s prompt is Letter to kids.

Hi, Jia and Yuvaan

You two are way too young to read and understand this letter. But for me it is a chance, to share my journey playing mommy to you. Whenever you read this, I know you would agree that your mommy belongs to the preemptive mommy category. A perfectionist by nature, which meant trouble for you guys.

Let me tell you that from the moment I conceived I started preparing for being a good mommy mentor. I enrolled for parenting classes, filled my pockets with confidence in handling children and delivered you, my lovely daughter – Jia. You came out with eyes shining bright and eagerly looking around. We could not believe that a just born is so reactive but that was you (now 7 years).

Now if I were to share Yuvaan’s birth story – Oh God!! I get jitters. To everyone’s surprise he came out on his own, right outside the labor room. He was born meek, but was strong enough to push himself out and yes I am not exaggerating. This is how you entered my life little Yuvaan (now 3 years).

Interesting right? To know, how you were when I first saw you, when I first held you in my arms and yes my eyes are moist. Since then there has been no looking back. Now, after a little bit of history I wish to dedicate this letter to 10 things that  I have learnt from the both of you, yes, what I have learnt and not what I have taught you.

 1 – Jia, you had this typical habit of falling asleep while you are playing. One moment you are actively rolling in your play gym and the next moment you are peacefully sleeping. You taught me that it is ok to rest in the middle of something. You only recoup to live better.

2 – Jia and Yuvaan your eyes mirror your inside. They are gleaming all the time, with a tinge of wonder. I find them so pretty that I try to keep my eyes as bright and as widely open as possible. I feel they spill positive enthusiasm all over.

3 – Yuvi, you are a regular problem child as you suffered from wheezing every time there was a climate change. You are just 3 as I write this letter and you have four hospital admissions to your credit. But I salute your spirit my superman, in the poorest of health conditions, you chose to smile and sleep. You never made my life difficult and cooperated throughout the IV’s, injections, tests, medications. I cried, but you taught me to smile. I was disheartened but you taught me to keep faith. I got anxious about what is coming but you taught me Hakuna Matata – No worries, this too shall pass. You are my tiny soldier and through this letter I pay my tribute.

4 – Yuvaan, you are persistent in your request for anything. Polite and continuous, you convince me to give what you want. Jia got 7 gifts on her birthday a few days back. Of all, you chose one puzzle pouch, distinctly not age appropriate for you. You coaxed me for 5 full days, but with such courtesy and assurance that you will not damage it that I had to give in. I learnt rudeness or roughness never pays, soft tone and a smile work the best.

5 – Class monitor and a favourite with kids, Jia you are a star. You showed me, that one should live the moment. Today, you are shining, use what you have, about tomorrow we will see. Let not humility steal the charm of stardom. No, I don’t mean to say you are a snob, but you are thoroughly enjoying your status.

6 – Both you kids, made me advance in randomness. Some pre planning as to what is to be done and rest leave it to the day. You made me embrace unpredictability and to some extent lethargy also (simple, I am not in the right mood)

7 – Jia you have this habit of asking your best pals in school whether they will invite you for their birthday parties. They agree and you come home and ask me to check my Whatsapp for an invite. Even after I refuse, irritated because there is no invite, you still keep double checking. You know why? Because somehow you trust your friends completely. No one to blame, even we did not invite all to our parties. I find you too cute in those moments, and yes I share your disappointment and feel like calling their mommies right away and telling them that my Jiu is coming to the party.

8 – Yuvaan, you are the thief when it comes to desserts and chocolates. It is unethical on your part to eat them hiding, but I came terms with the fact that harmless tini- mini lies sometimes adds fun to our otherwise monotonous life.

9 – Importance of repetitions and routine, yes I understood it from the two of you. Both of you have heard the same Goldilocks story for about 100 times and the level of excitement to go to the same park every day is unhampered and the same every single evening. I realized that whenever time or space does not permit, some different experience, cherishing the routine ones is not a bad idea.

10 – As I am raising you two, I have come face to face with the power of self -empowerment. The more I rely on self the better I get, be it sports training you both, making you study or multi- tasking to balance you two, house and my own passion. You have introduced me to my potential.

I am a good mother because you are good children. I see a bright future with the two of you. Love you Jia and Yuvaan, for teaching me all the right things. I am excited for the years to come.

I would like to thank Aashi for introducing me. You can read her post here http://lawyermumma.wordpress.com. I would also like to introduce my fellow blogger Preetjyot Kaur, you can read her wonderful post on the prompt here http://mylittlemuffin.com .


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  1. Hey this is really cute yaar..
    so much can every mom relate to your word..
    great going.. keep it up!!

    (Anvi’s mom)

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