Letter to beloved

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Today’s prompt is Letter to beloved

Hi dear love

How should I start? And where should I end? You are a part of me so it actually feels that I am talking to myself. After spending 10 years with you, I have come to understand that we are actually like parallel tracks, we will always run in the same direction and never meet.

Before you get skeptical about why I am being so curt? Let me tell you why I believe so. We both are so sincere towards our work and self -growth that it always assumes priority over each other. Well that is not indicative of us not being connected; rather it is a symbol of our love and affection. Your dedication makes you attractive and my interest in day to day work makes me compatible.

We have seen many twists and turns of life, and stood head strong. What was different was your sheer acceptance and you, thinking what next? Nothing could hold you or tie you. You made me move on and out of rough situations.

My only complaint is the sheer dearth of words even in the darkest of moments. The world knows how less you speak? That is one big mismatch between your feelings and speech. Sometimes all one needs is words, words of warmth, compassion and empathy. Anyways, I have come to terms with this habit of yours, may be you think pearls will drop from your mouth if you talk a little more. (My favorite instance of hyperbole)

There are many things that are common between us – to name the two, our taste in shopping and desserts. Oh such a sweet tooth we have. But I have noticed every time I go on a ‘No sweet post 5pm’ diet regime, even your interest in bed time sweets declines. See those are the vibes of togetherness. I know it sounds small, but small is indeed beautiful. Your eyes seek me, when we are out shopping; somehow you trust my say completely. I feel so special on those days!! I know its small but again small is beautiful. Your white lies, they are so irritating and with what confidence you tell them. Let me tell you I can catch you red handed every time you do that but I choose not to, to avoid getting into a bitter fight over petty childlike lies. So whenever our kids lie I unintentionally consider it as your genetic contribution.

Jia and Yuvaan, our little angels have a special papa space in their hearts. They miss you at the most unexpected times, all of a sudden which tells me how much they adore you. Unlike many other husbands, you have never forced me to leave them behind while we go out enjoying. In fact you eagerly took them along and today both our children are excellent company in weekend outings and long vacations. As I always say you are a better father than husband. (Wink Wink)

My imaginary future has many scenes especially the one where we travel and travel till we get lost. I imagine the latter half of my life in a peaceful second home where there is ample room for creative lethargy. Vague dreams where I see you cook, we doing ballet, me learning to play the guitar…. Which are distant from reality as of today; fill me with positive enthusiasm about our life in the years to come. Despite your rigid routine, you know why and how I knit thoughts like a maverick? Because you belong to the herd that welcomes a change with open arms be it technology or lifestyle.

Though you keep yourself away from small talk and arguments when there is a need for you to take a stand, you are like some hero from the film who has the guts to rise against whoever is in front be it family, friends or society in general. Your otherwise peaceful stance gets dim and you turn aggressive to opine and opine strong. This is one unique quality, which makes you my special man.

With many random traits mentioned I now put an end to this letter with a couplet of love:

                                        “You make me complete, you are important

                                             I know you so well, your eyes, your scent

                                         You made me your wife, am thankful to you

                                               Love me always, nothing more is due

                                       I love you too, I love you too, and I love you too”


I would like to thank Mohita for introducing me. You can read her post here http://mommaloveskabir.blogspot.in. I would also like to introduce my fellow blogger Neha Mani Mishra, you can read her wonderful post on the prompt here bloggifiedmom@wordpress.com .



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