Aspirations of a mommy

Many new mothers feel that once they have had their baby, their life and career aspirations as individuals will come to an end . All toddler mommies have to be there for their baby 24×7 –which can get mentally and physically exhausting, leading to a sense of hopelessness at times. Here are testaments given by 10 toddler and infant mommies, declaring their wishes and hopes for the future.

Image Courtesy – Parentune

Through this blog you will discover that you are not alone – it is encouraging to know that there are other new mothers out there, who still dare to dream big for their future, once their child grows up.  Please click on the link below to read the full story:



My first post!!! Me and writing

Writing to me is a space where I am liberated. It’s only me and my thoughts which I pen for others to read. Through my write ups if a reader is able to cross over, I think I have made my contribution to this world. When in college, not all lectures used to interest me. While professors taught business management, my mind steered towards writing. With the rosy picture of the world that I had in my mind, I began writing short fiction stories with Jenny, a young pre- school teacher as the central character. Gradually reviews, write ups, poems and couplets started coming in.

A full time mommy and a homemaker, my writings de stress me and do not let me engage in meaningless pre-occupancy. I respect the topics that I write on and like to keep it free flowing yet organized. I like to support the write ups with secondary and primary research if need be, to make it a thoroughly wise creation. I love content and the numerous ways in which you can use it. A collation of the right points turns into this magical article that engages the readers and turns out to be the most relevant in a particular situation.

Writing makes me taste independence as the time that I take to write, is my-me-time which I earn only after balanced self- management.  A good article gives me a high even before it goes live. Lots of love to writing and my own blog where all I need is self -will, self-thoughts and self-hard work – my platform to showcase my articles.